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Hit longer, straighter shots immediately!

Apply a small amount of No Slice to the face of your club and get instant feedback and great results. No more embarassing shots.


Stop losing balls and save money!

Stop the slice, stop the lost balls. Our proven technology will help keep you on the fairway. No more searching for balls from poorly hit shots.


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No more embarassing shots with friends, family and coworkers. From now on be the envy on the course with the help of No Slice.

The Happy Gilmore Swing

Happy Gilmore segment from Sport Science on FSN featuring Padraig…

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Practice Tee Alignment

Watch No Slice™ golf professionals demonstrate parallel left alignment on…

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What Is No Slice?

Learn the secret to curing your golf slice with No…

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Science Behind No Slice

See how No Slice™ performed using state of the art…

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„I would definitely recommend No Slice™. It adds yardage to my game, and I hit the ball straighter!“

-Brandon Miles (Amateur Golfer)