The No Slice Story

Founder Chris Kane applying No Slice at Robotic Test Site

Out of my kids mouths came the answer to a golfer’s prayer: Stop the slice!

While on the driving range with my three kids I demanded out loud to know where my clubface was striking the ball after I continued to slice the ball shot after shot.  My boys, Everett and Sammy, who at that time were ten and eight years old respectively, suggested I use Georgia’s applesauce on my club face as a marker. Happily sitting on the grass hill directly behind the range, Georgia, five years old at the time, was enjoying her after school snack. After I promised Georgia I would replenish her supply I applied the applesauce to my clubface.  With applesauce splattered legs I discovered that I was hitting the ball with the upper toe of my club face, no where near the sweet spot, but the slice had now turned into a fade.  With only enough applesauce for one more swing, I tee’d the ball down more than before and moved in closer than before.  This time the only thing similar as before was applesauce on my legs.  I had gotten my body in the right position to hit the ball on the sweet spot of my clubface and there was no slice, no fade – the ball went straight as an arrow.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened at the driving range.  I wanted to figure out how I could market applesauce as a way to cure a slice.  After deciding to sleep on it, I went to bed but that night the golf gods paid me a visit and delivered to me in a dream, the recipe for No Slice™. I know this sounds crazy but that’s how it happened.  I’m not a whack job – I played Division I Lacrosse at the University of Denver, I have a Master’s Degree in Business, I host a daily television show for CBS, I coach youth baseball and football and I love to ski and play golf.


No Slice Team at Robotic Test Site


Almost two years of research and development later, scores of testimonials and a trip to one of California’s independent golf-testing facilities, No Slice™ is taking the course by storm. Our proprietary formula has been proven to take the spin off the ball and send the shot farther, helping golfer’s deliver perfect shots, hole after hole.

The way to find the clubface’s sweet spot comes in a little white tube. With a small smear of No Slice™ on the clubface, golfers can now isolate the point of impact and visualize face position issues. Once identified, position, grip and rotation are easily corrected. No more frustrated golfers dumping their clubs at garage sales. No more embarrassed players giving up the game. The time has come for slicing, golf’s greatest sin, to be forgiven. Redemption is a just a dab of No Slice™ away.