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Flop Shot From Deep Grass

No Slice™ golf professional demonstrate how to hit a high flop shot from deeper grass. Using your most lofted club (56 or 60 degree wedge), widen your stance, keep club face open, aim slightly left to accommodate for the open face, and take an aggressive swing accelerating through the ball.  

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Pitch From Fringe With Tight Lie

No Slice™ golf professionals demonstrate a pitch & run using a 9-iron from a tight lie in the rough just off the green. Using a 9-iron, place the ball slightly forward in your stance, choke down on the club, and use a swing very similar to your putting stroke.  

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Wet Sand In Greenside Bunker

No Slice™ golf professionals demonstrate the best way to pitch out of a greenside bunker with wet sand. Square the club face up, narrow your stance and play the ball slightly back, keep your hands forward, and hit a controlled pitch shot onto the green.  

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