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Pitch From Fringe With Tight Lie

No Slice™ golf professionals demonstrate a pitch & run using a 9-iron from a tight lie in the rough just off the green. Using a 9-iron, place the ball slightly forward in your stance, choke down on the club, and use a swing very similar to your putting stroke.  

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Wet Sand In Greenside Bunker

No Slice™ golf professionals demonstrate the best way to pitch out of a greenside bunker with wet sand. Square the club face up, narrow your stance and play the ball slightly back, keep your hands forward, and hit a controlled pitch shot onto the green.  

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Three Stance Tips

If a golfer is constantly slicing the ball it’s probably only a matter of time before they start aiming a little to the left of their target. Ironically, this will often worsen the slice as aiming to the left exaggerates the outside-to-inside swing motion. So let’s get back to the fundamentals. We have compiled the following golf stance tips for…

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